Branch Meeting Calendar 2022

The following meeting list is subject to change and will be updated in the coming weeks and months so be sure to check back regularly.

Jan 4th         

Feb 1st        Branch Quiz

March 1st   AGM

April 5th    Guest Speaker: Simon Gladas  “Bentwaters – 75th anniversary, the RAF years”

May 3rd     Photo evening

June 7th   Guest Speaker: Stephen Skinner – Concorde – was it worth it?

July 5th     Photo evening

August 2nd  Photo evening

September 6th Photo evening 

October 4th  “What happened to the Coastal Command Development Unit’s  Bristol Beaufort MkII (AW271) on 30th April 1942″ Presented by Ron Chadwick – son of observer/navigator

November 1st  Andrew Goldsmith presents another illustrated road tour talk this time taking in airfields in the Midlands and Wales and a few days on the Mach Loop with a bit of a guide to the locations

December 6th