Copenhagen (Kastrup) 19/06/2013 John Tietjen

Myself and Brian Richards, took advantage of a fairly late promotional fare, to have a day in Copenhagen. The cost of approximately £51 return was surprising, as both the outbound and inbound flights were 100% loaded.

Take off was slightly delayed, as the poor visibility, meant that the LVP was in operation. At least the atmosphere on board was calm, after the manic terminal, that looked more like a football crowd heading down Wembley Way. Needless to say, we arrived five minutes early.

Arrival is at the low cost Pier F, which is minimal, but clean, bright and airy. After a quick passport inspection, it’s a long walk, passing Piers D, C, B and finally Terminal 1, Pier A. At the moment, there’s no Pier E, but work seems to be going on to build one. Virtually everything can be read off, as you walk along, except at Pier A, which resembles a church, with a high vaulted roof, and small, high windows. All Piers except for C (Intercontinental flights), can be accessed, simply by walking down them. By far the best Pier for spotting/photography is Pier B, with Gates 15/17 and especially 19 having good views over most of the airport. The one drawback with Gate 19, is that there’s an air bridge to the left of the seats, which can restrict views, especially if an Airbus is parked there. CRJs are less of a problem, but you have to keep a watch through the windows of the air bridge, as the small airliners and biz, land short, and go to the opposite end of the terminal. If you’re taking photos, you need to be careful of reflections in the windows. No problems whatsoever, with sitting at the Gate all day.

Unless you want a long walk, the cargo and hangar areas are out of sight, and the walk/bus/taxi ride to the Flyvergrillen, simply isn’t really worth it. This well known café, situated about halfway along one of the main runways, provides a viewing area, both indoor and outdoor, along with food and drink. Unfortunately, the runways are offset, and  you will probably miss a lot that lands, as the landing runway is away to the left. Good photos of take-offs can be had though.

Photos from the Trip can be viewed here