Historic Photos

a few from 1973 thanks to Andrew Goldsmith

1998 thanks to Andrew Goldsmith

RA-76758 IL76 Volga Dnepr

G- AWZU HS.121 Trident
G-AWZU joined the Stansted Airport Fire Service in March 1986 and is seen here after being stored in 1997 before eventually being broken up in September 2003


SU-ZCC A310 Heliopolis

G-OJEM HS748 Emerald Airways
G-OJEM seen here parked Northside after an following an accident on March 30th 1998. The Aircraft was transporting the Leeds Utd team home after a 3-0 loss at West Ham that evening when an engine failed and caught fire just after rotation forcing the plane to land back on the runway which it then overran causing the collapse of the nose landing gear. more details can be found on the Aviation Safety Network website here and the Air Accidents Investigation Branch accident report can be viewed here

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