Meeting Reports 2015

January 2015 Meeting resume

This was a photo display evening with Dave Mason showing shots taken at St Martinique. Brian Ruchards displaying his USA trip and Nigel Kemp with his trip to the Czech Republic and Germany.

February 2015 Meeting resume

This evening could be described as Retro Night. Phil Kemp had recently spent time scanning his father’s old photographs. These contained some fascinating images of Heathrow Airport in the late 1950’s through to the mid 1960’s. The photos show the changes in building as well as the change from propeller to jet. Phil also had some fly in images of the same period many featuring him as a young boy and also Nigel.

March 2015 Meeting resume

March saw our delayed A.G.M. take place

April 2015 Meeting resume

We were delighted to welcome local Aviation Writer Stephen Skinner who gave us a talk based on his book BAC 1-11 – The Whole Story. Stephen had some delightful stories about the development of the aircraft and some of the problems it encountered going in to production through modifications until the last 1-11 came off the production line in 1993.

BAC 1-11 The Whole Story is available from Amazon in paperback form or for Kindle here along with his many other excellent Aviation books on his Author page

May 2015 Meeting resume

The meeting started with photographs taken in Romania by Geoff Abbott. Colin Potter showed his photos taken on his trip to the Coventry Museum and his impromptu invite to see the Atlantic Airways historical flight aircraft. Our final instalment for the evening was from recent new member Michael Hibbins who shared his Australian and New Zealand holiday aviation shots.

June 2015 Meeting resume

Phil Kemp gave his Annual briefing about the Fly-in and North Weald whist asking for volunteers to help. This was followed by

John Tietjen who gave a pictorial talk about his experience as a marshaller at Aero Expo 2015 which was held at Sywell.

July 2015 Meeting resume

Phil Kemp gave his debrief of the Air Britain Fly-in at North Weald and invited comments from those present to feed back to the Air Britain Council.

The remaining time was given to Bob Mulford who had a collection of pictures from a recent trip to Switzerland & Germany.

August 2015 Meeting resume

August was a members evening. Andrew Goldsmith displayed his photos of his South Midlands trip which took in Booker, Enstone and Bidford as well as recent photos of the retiring Vulcan. Michael Hibbins had images taken in Latvia

September 2015 Meeting resume

Our September meeting saw two speakers in the form of Simon Gladas and Bob Hale. Simon & Bob help run the Bentwaters Cold War Museum. Bob gave a talk about the History of Bentwaters including many personal memories of his time he served there. Simon spoke about setting up the BCWM and how he and Bob want to improve the collection of historic exhibits at the museum.

October 2015 Meeting resume

October became a members evening after Stan Hodgkins had to cancel at short notice due to illness. Nigel Kemp stepped in with a large collection of shots taken at Oshkosh 2015. John Tietjen displayed photos taken at the LAA event which took place at Sywell.

November 2015 Meeting resume

In November we welcomed back Terry Dann. Terry’s talked covered the development and history of the Percival Prentice. Terry’s presentation was full of rare photographs from factory production to scrap yard as well as details on the few that are left flying.

December 2015 Meeting resume

December’s talk was provided by Steve Atkin of Hangar 11 at North Weald. Hangar 11 houses a Hurricane, Spitfire, Mustang and Kittyhawk. Steve’s talk gave detailed descriptions of each aircraft covering when it was purchased and the work carried out on them to restore them to the fabulous condition we see them being flown by Peter Teichman. More details about Hangar 11 can be found on the Hangar 11 Website here

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