Meeting Reports 2016

January 2016 Meeting resume

Phil kemp showed a variety of different aircraft from his trip to New Zealand which covered Auckland, North Shore, The Warbird Museum and Wellington.

February 2016 Meeting resume

We were treated to a quiz organised by Colin Potter and won by Dave Whitworth. Our photo competition was divided in to two categories, ground, and air shots. The ground shot was won by Phil Kemp and the air shot was won by Michael Jones. The overall winner was given to Phil Kemp. Thanks to Nigel Kemp for compiling the photographs submitted by the branch members.

March 2016 Meeting resume

The Branch AGM took place

April 2016 Meeting resume

This was our rearranged talk from Stan Hodgkins. Stan’s talk covered his 50 plus years of flying from his early days as an ATC Cadet, through to the days at Martin Baker the ejector seat specialist. His talk was very entertaining and could possibly return in the future to provide a longer talk on one of his adventures during this time.
Photo thanks to Andrew Goldsmith
05-04-2016 AB stn stan hodgkins

May 2016 Meeting resume

Our May meeting saw the return of local author Stephen Skinner for his presentation about the VC10. This talk included photos which appear in Stephen’s book on the VC10. Stephen covered the development through to the retirement of the aircraft by the RAF in 2013. A video of the final flight landing at Bruntingthorpe was shown after the talk.

June 2016 Meeting resume

Phil Kemp gave his annual briefing on the North Weald Fly-in.

July 2016 Meeting resume

Phil Kemp was unable to give his debrief on the North Weald Fly-in so Richard Jones stepped in with pictures taken on the 2011 Air Biritain trip covering airfield around Paris.

August 2016 Meeting resume

Andrew Goldsmith gave a photo presentation of airfields and airshows he had visited in 2016 including RIAT at Fairford.

September 2016 Meeting resume

Nigel Kemp gave an impromptu presentation on the Van’s RV series of aircraft

October 2016 Meeting resume

October saw the visit of Rod Dean. Rod gave his audience two hours of a very entertaining talk about his flying career and experiences of flying the Hunter. Rod included many funny stories about his time in the UK and the Middle East.

November 2016 Meeting resume

November brought a substitute speaker who didn’t disappoint. Alistair Hodgson made the trip from  the de Havilland Aircraft Museum to give a two part talk which covered the history of  Salisbury Hall leading up to present day and then a tour around the museum showing the work carried out on the exhibits. The talk clearly showed the passion of those who have brought the museum to where it is now and want to grow it further.

December 2016 Meeting resume

December  gave us a informative and great talk from Mike Pugh-Davies who covered the history of the Phantom 2 and his experiences flying it. Mike used clear detailed comparisons with other aircraft over the life of the aircraft to show how it had become a firm favourite among many of the world’s military and has seen 58 years of service since it was first introduced.


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